July 27th Update

On our way to the hospital

Here’s an update. No fluff. No funny or sad stories. No attempts at humor or wisdom. Just the facts. Peace and love, V

– Today, at 11:30, I have surgery to add a mediport. This is a bottle-cap sized device that is inserted into the left upper part of my chest. It connects a tube to my artery. This will make administering chemotherapy so much easier. Right now, the nurses are having a hard time finding veins in my left arm. (My right arm is out of commission.) I’ve ended up bruised and bloody. I’m not excited to have this device in me. It looks funny. It feels weird. But I can’t have them painfully sticking me in the arm every week. 

– The surgery is outpatient. The procedure will only take 45 minutes. So, this afternoon, I will be sleeping in my bed. 

– Yesterday, I turned the corner. I had a good day. But, I overdid it a little bit. That’s usually my tendency. If I get a sliver of sunshine, I’m ready to dance on the beach.

– I am officially a chemo patient in Baton Rouge now! I found a great oncologist here at Mary Bird Perkins. She will work closely with my team at MD ANDERSON. This means I can stay home and be close to my children throughout this. I will have my first chemo in Baton Rouge on Monday, August 7, (my husband’s birthday.) Happy birthday honey. This year I’m giving you a drugged-up zombie. If you want, we can play “Weekend at Bernie’s” over slices of cake. 

– I will start radiation at Mary Bird Perkins next Monday, August 31. The radiation will be concentrated in my pelvic region. Currently, I am in so much pain that I am limping. I can’t drive. And, I can barely walk. This radiation should change that substantially. I will only receive five treatments: Monday through Friday next week.

-Next week, I DO NOT have chemo. Praise God. It’s my week off. But, alas, I’m still getting radiation. 

– I am not scheduled to go back to Houston until the end of August. This is for follow ups. This is when I’ll get x-rays and scans to know if the chemo is working. Please, start praying now for a great report.

– The past week has been the hardest week of my entire life. I’ve questioned everything. My purpose. My faith. My reason for living. Please, please, please pray for me. Pray for US. I have way too much to fight for. And, I have found, that it’s easier to be a person of faith when you’re not in excruciating pain and vomiting. Now is the time that my faith is being tested. 

-Last thing, I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I felt this unexplainable peace. I felt like I needed to stop in the bathroom, get down on my knees, and pray. In this dream-like prayer state, I felt like God was putting a cloak of armor over me. I kept saying “thank you, thank you, thank you” over again and then I started saying “I am well. All is well.” Then I went back to sleep. I’m going to be alright. 

-Thank you for all the texts, prayers, and messages. I am so behind on responding. Please forgive me. I am doing my best to rest and take care of myself. If I don’t respond to you in 24 hours, feel free to text or email Will. 

*** Will just informed me that I am incapable of being brief. I’m just long winded and wordy. ***

Love y’all. Thank you so much for all the love and support. It means the world. God bless you and your family. 

11 thoughts on “July 27th Update

  1. Praying for you and your family, Veronica! There is nothing too hard for our God. May you feel His continued presence, peace and healing every step of the way!


  2. Sweet girl you don’t have to respond to all the messages you get…. everyone just wants to send love, encouragement and prayer support TO YOU..AND WILL. Accept it and be lifted in spirit by it. I haven’t texted you guys directly because I want all your energy to go toward the tasks you have to do to get better! But I am keeping in touch through Gail and will be praying for everything you and she tell me to. Love you both so much, Aunt Pat

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  3. Veronica, we love you and Will. I’m on my knees praying for you. God is good and I believe in miracles! He is so proud of you and of Will for being right by your side. You have the armour of God and the helmet of salvation and He will be with you every step of the way. You will have an amazing message to share about your journey years from now about how God healed you! You bless us all with your words! 😘Julie

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  4. Go get em V. Your determination and faith are beyond belief. Yes, He has His armour around you!!!!! Praying fervently for you.


  5. Hi, I have nothing in common with you other than a friend of a friend of a friend. But I love to read your writings, listen to your heart speak, and share your faith. I will be following you, pulling for you, and praying for you. Keep fighting. I wish you love and peace. Hope you recover from surgery quickly.


  6. Hey Beautiful Veronica- praying for you, Will, your sweet babies & your medical team…I’m so excited that you are going home!!! Hope you can get some rest and
    Get stronger daily…. truly-Letha


  7. Veronica, prayers going up for you and your family. What an amazing and special woman you are. Dorothy Richardson (Jason Patton’s mom)


  8. I have been touched by this blog of yours. I remember you from school but it’s been a while. I pray for you and your family Veronica.


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